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manufacturing timeless jewelry pieces has been in my family for four generations. i was 7 when i began learning my trade at the knee of my father, living and breathing the essence of high quality jewelry ever since.

Over the last 40 years i have been manufacturing from start to finish customers designs in the Los Angeles Jewelry district area where my workshop is located. I find now is the time to offer clients my special skills in enameling, hand engraving and design creation of customized jewelry, with all my past work experience i would like to bring my creativity to the center with this website, where every jewel has been handcrafted to perfection using only the best of natural gems and pure 14k to 18k solid gold.

Each photo represents the exact jewel that is for sale, you can judge for yourself the quality of the gems and the exceptional craftsmanship involved in each piece of jewelry. i want to make your shopping experience the best, with you knowing that you are getting exceptional quality from a accomplished artisan. special order are also available. shipping is always

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